We're so very thankful for those who work with us on this challenge.


Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility

The Institute is a preeminent space for leading academics, practitioners and policymakers to reframe the discussion of migration and mobility, and the impact it has on human rights, economics, borders, and mobility. They bring together a diverse set of talents and skills from across The New School community to rethink human mobility in innovative ways, advancing debates about migration and claims for social justice. 


USA for UNHCR helps to save, protect and rebuild the lives of millions of refugees and others forced to flee their homes due to violence and conflict. They respond to emergencies and providing long-term solutions for refugees across the world.

World Bank

The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. They have tasked the world with ending extreme poverty by decreasing the percentage of people living on less than $2 a day and promoting shared prosperity by fostering the income growth of the bottom 40% for every country. 


Tent is mobilizing the private sector to improve the lives & livelihoods of more than 20 million men, women & children forcibly displaced from their home countries.


Join us and leverage you and your company's unique skills to help refugees around the world. You can reach out to us here.