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Connecting Refugees Report 


Food, Shelter and Connectivity: A UNCHR Report


Reconnecting Refugees Report

From the UN Refugee Agency comes a report that highlights how internet and mobile connectivity can improve refugee well-being and transform humanitarian action.

Providing insights into how connectivity has a large impact on the lives of refugees through their own stories, the report gives details of perspectives and experiences to help those in the field.


A report from Accenture and UNHCR that underscores the need for connectivity—and identifies three areas crucial to delivering it.



Written by Dr. Tom Farrell for The NetHope Organization, this case study explores the impact of wi-fi technology on refugee communities. The summary of connectivity results can be downloaded here


ICT4Refugees Report

A report on the emerging landscape of digital responses to the refugee crisis.


Broadband Strategies Handbook

This handbook is from the World Bank and consists of seven chapters that look at how broadband is defined, why it is important, and how its development can be encouraged. 


The State of Broadband

From the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development comes a report that explores the current status of broadband, and how it is contributing to development, around the world. 


Increasing Broadband Penetration

A report from the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) that highlights the uptake of internet services and availability in OIC member countries. 


Syrian Refugee Connectivity Maps

The maps provided here showcase the installation sites of broadband during the Syrian Refugee Response in June 2016. 


Closing the Access Gap

A report from USAID that explores the landscape, models and current trends, and information on developing a portfolio of approaches for action. 


Connecting the Next Four Billion

This other USAID paper continues to highlight the work being done as well as the gaps and opportunities that remain. 


Project Reconnect Final Report

This report highlights a project worked on by NetHope and Google as they brought Chromebooks to refugee populations in Germany in hopes to help them rebuild their lives.